About Us

About New Life Credit Repair

We are committed to empower people with the right knowledge and services to reach their financial goals.


  • Easy-to-read credit reports and personalized consultation
  • Tools & tips to help you understand your score & steps to improve
  • Credit monitoring and alerts with no additional charges

At New Life Credit Repair, we truly care about you and want to see you enjoying your life doing what you desire by helping you to achieve financial freedom. Whether you are in need of approving your mortgage to buy your dream home or you wish to upgrade your car to more dependable one, we are here for you in every step of the way.

We put our years of experience to bring you the desired results. We have a team of professionals, who will guide you through your current credit situation and develop a solid customized action plan to successfully improve your credit score.

  • FREE credit score & summary
  • FREE negative item review
  • FREE credit improvement plan

How New Life Credit Repair Works?

New Life Credit Repair has a successful record of helping consumers repair their credit and we can help you too!

We provide complete and personalized credit repair service. We make the whole process easy and effective, so that you can start living a better life with better credit score.

Our Credit Repair Process is Simple & Result-Driven

1 Review

We analyze your credit history and find the negative items hurting your overall credit score.

2 Recommend

We form a plan to challenge the negative item and present those to bureaus and creditors.

3 Report

Your credit account status is updated with a progress report showing overall changes.

Why Choose New Life Credit Repair?

We Don’t Just Promise, We Bring Results


3-Bureau Credit Reports & Scores

We save you the hassle of time and money in requesting a copy of your credit report from each of the three major consumer credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Many other companies ask for it in advance and then start your case.


Personalized Credit Consultation

Our services are exclusive. You will get individual consultation, where our professional credit analyst will review your reports and help identify the negative items hurting your overall score and provide the right solution.


Assurance or Money-Back Guarantee Policy

As a responsible credit repair company, we have an obligation to provide you an assurance of timely support and help. We give it all to improve your credit score, if not satisfied, you can request for a refund if that’s the only option left.


Trustworthy Reputation

A stellar reputation in our industry means lower costs and a clear mission, vision and philosophy. Customers are the best local advocates to help you get a more realistic picture of which credit repair companies stand out from the crowd.


Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

We have pricing plans to meet all your individual needs. Whether you need to protect your identity, want to monitor your credit, need specific professional credit repair consultation or our full suite – we have a plan for everyone.

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